Text translation

I have an excellent writing style and the ability to adapt to many subjects and registers. I have published numerous scholarly works in philosophy, the humanities, and the social sciences, including books, journal articles, and conference papers.

Past and current clients include: The University of Chicago Press, Stanford University Press, Fordham University Press.

Additional experience with legal documents, medical reports, and marketing materials

Ability to conduct thorough and detailed subject research


My experience includes working as an immigration court interpreter (Lionbridge Interpreting), Pro bono asylum interpreter (The National Immigrant Justice Center), civil court proceedings (Cook County Circuit Court).

I maintain familiarity with African French (especially Togo, Cameroon, and the Democratic Republic of Congo) and have conducted independent research on Francophone Africa and U.S. asylum law.

I offer English-language proofreading and editing services for publications and oral presentations. I have extensive knowledge of all the major style guides (Chicago, MLA, AP) and offer reference formatting/verifying and bibliography creation. For conference papers and other talks, I can help streamline and simplify texts, which can be especially useful for non-native English speakers presenting in English.



  • The University of Chicago Press: Jean-François Kervégan: The Actual and the Rational: Hegel and Objective Spirit (2018); Sandra Laugier, Why We Need Ordinary Language Philosophy (Du réel à l’ordinaire: quelle philosophie du langage pour aujourd’hui?) (2013).

  • Mattering Press: proofreader for Sergio Sismodo, Ghost-Managed Medecine (2018).

  • Stanford University Press: Maria Stavrinaki, Dada Presentism (2016).

  • Translation One, LLC: co-translator, Lionel Vairon, China Threat? (Défis chinois) (CN Times Books, July 2013).

  • Modern Language Notes: Sandra Laugier, “Popular Cultures, Ordinary Criticism: A Philosophy of Minor Genres” (“Cultures populaires, critique ordinaire”) (MLN vol. 127, no. 5: December 2012).

  • Critical Inquiry: Sandra Laugier, “Introduction to Stanley Cavell’s Must We Mean What We Say?” (“Présentation,” Dire et voulour dire) (Critical Inquiry, vol. 34, no. 4: Summer 2011).

  • Fordham University Press: Henri Atlan, “Is Science Inhuman?” (La science est-elle inhumaine?) in Henri Atlan: Selected Writings (2011); Georges Canguilhem, Knowledge of Life (La connaissance de la vie) (2008); Régis Debray, “Teaching Religious Facts in Secular Schools (L’enseignement du fait religieux dans l’école laïque), in Religion: Beyond a Concept (2008).