ATA Certified French-to-English, Certification #505412
Specializing in Scholarly, Legal, and Commercial Translation and Interpreting

daniela.ginsburg at gmail dot com


  • M.A., French Literature and Philosophy, 2009. The Humanities Center, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD.

  • B.A., French and Anthropology, 2003. The University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA.

  • Philosophy and Anthropology coursework, Universités de Bordeaux II and III, Bordeaux, France.

  • German language and culture courses at the Goethe Institute Bordeaux, Humboldt-Universität Berlin, and Universität Tubingen (2003, 2004, 2006).


  • American Translators Association: certified in 2011, member since 2010.

  • Collège International des Traducteurs Littéraires, Arles, France: 2011 grant recipient and resident.

  • Chicago Area Translators Association: member since 2013.


  • Experience translating written and spoken French, both colloquial and formal, across a range of source materials (e.g. focus group audio recordings, patent reviews for medical instruments, business strategy documents, financial information, and more).

  • Specializations in marketing materials and legal translation.

  • Meticulous, detail-oriented, consistent in meeting deadlines, able to move comfortably into new areas of specialization through self-education and research.


  • Extensive experience translating full-length scholarly books, articles, and public lectures in contemporary philosophy, cultural studies, political science, literary criticism, and anthropology for university presses, journals, and professors.

  • Past and current clients and projects include:

  • Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute: Perig Pitrou, “Life as the Process of Making in the Mixe Highlands,” (2015, 21 (1), pp.86-105.)

  • The University of Chicago Press: Jean-François Kervégan: L’effectif et le rationnel: Hegel et l’esprit objectif (2018).

  • Translation One, LLC: co-translator, Lionel Vairon, China Threat? (Défis chinois) (CN Times Books, July 2013).

  • The University of Chicago Press: Sandra Laugier, Why We Need Ordinary Language Philosophy (Du réel à l’ordinaire: quelle philosophie du langage pour aujourd’hui?) (2013).

  • Modern Language Notes: Sandra Laugier, “Popular Cultures, Ordinary Criticism: A Philosophy of Minor Genres” (MLN vol. 127, no. 5: December 2012).

  • Critical Inquiry: Sandra Laugier, “Introduction to Stanley Cavell’s Must We Mean What We Say (Critical Inquiry, vol. 34, no. 4: Summer 2011).

  • Fordham University Press: Henri Atlan, “Is Science Inhuman?” (La science est-elle inhumaine?) in Henri Atlan: Selected Writings (2011).

  • Fordham University Press: co-translator, Georges Canguilhem, Knowledge of Life (La connaissance de la vie) (2008).

  • Fordham University Press: Régis Debray, “Teaching Religious Facts in Secular Schools (L’enseignement du fait religieux dans l’école laïque), in Religion: Beyond a Concept (2008).


  • Lionbridge-certified immigration court interpreter: proficiency in simultaneous, consecutive, and sight interpretation; ability to interpret in a formal, courtroom setting. Familiarity with Francophone Africa and African French, knowledge of immigration laws and procedures.

  • Pro bono asylum interpreter for the National Immigrant Justice Center (Chicago, IL). Experience working with clients from across Francophone Africa, familiarity with country conditions (in particular, the Democratic Republic of Congo) and with asylum law, ability to communicate effectively with legal teams and to work closely with clients recounting difficult or traumatic experiences.